What is Micro-Marketing?

Simply put, it is the process of breaking down a marketing effort into micro steps that anyone can do.


Why is this better and how does it compare to traditional marketing?

Micro-Marketing is the act of taking an entire campaign and breaking it down into smaller tasks that anyone can complete. So let's look at how it would be applied to Social Media Ads Campaigns.

Why is this better and how does it
            compare to traditional marketing?

Traditional Marketing

Traditionally, a business owner or anyone with a product or service would begin by utilizing ads space.

Step One: Find a marketing consultant or marketing team.

Step Two: Begin a discovery process to find out how your target audience is.

Step Three: Write some ads or content to share with prospects.

Step Four: Running ads on a social platform, with an offer or detail about your product.

Step Five: Begin segmentation and making changes to your ads.

Running a traditional marketing campaign can cost you thousands of dollars a month and can take many months to yield profitable results.

Traditional Marketing


With Micro-Marketing, the same process would look like this.

Step One: Search our Marketplace for a micro-task in the industry & marketing platform you would like to target.

Step Two: Our Micro-Marketers begin to share your offers, content, and product or service in those within your selected marketing platform and you'll pay them in the way you want.

  • PPC (Pay per click)
  • PPL (Pay Per Lead)
  • Pay A Flat Rate Per Micro Task

This puts all the advantages in your hand. You are targeting highly qualified prospects in your desired platforms and geographies. The best part is you decide how you want to pay for the marketing campaign.

Micro-Marketing with ActiveSkill has not only made it easy for you to begin to utilize the previously restricted ad space but also access to an entire community of eager professionals ready to execute your marketing campaigns.


But, How?

Simple, let's say you are a bakery looking to find more clients in your area to buy your delicious pastries. Previously you would have to run targeted ads, to a large demographic of social media users. To do this, you may need to hire a social media ads specialist, a designer & possibly a marketing consultant. This will cost you money and time away from what you want to be doing... delicious baking pastries.

Now with the ActiveSkill micro-marketing Marketplace, you're able to buy highly targeting ad space by having one of our trained micro-marketers, social influencers, bloggers & freelancers who already have access to followings within their authority pages and accounts. Find social media users in the areas of your targeting. Our Micro-Marketer has access to where they can share your product or service. You are bringing Brand Awareness straight to prospects in your neighborhood who have walked by but never stopped. Just like that, you have community members advocating for your bakery to those most likely to buy.

The opportunities are endless. once you have your micro-marketing campaign setup and running on multiple platforms, you can fully utilize your reach to get right in front of highly targeted audiences.

But, How?

What are some other ways to use micro-marketing in my marketing efforts?

Marketing has an insane amount of parts to it. This will include everything from ad copy, to design, to strategy. With the ActiveSkill Micro-Marketing Marketplace, you have access to purchase our campaign micro-tasks, (ex. Write ad copy for this ad, Write an email thanking my customers, design an ad for my product, etc). You'll also be able to create your own custom campaigns for any platform or marketing strategy.

Here are some more ideas on how to incorporate Micro-Marketing for your business today:

  • Promoting Your Content Online
  • Driving Targeted Traffic Through PPC Campaigns
  • High-Quality Lead Generation
  • Mass Promotion of Products & Services Online
  • Article and blog post creation
  • Beginning a link-building campaign
  • Conducting a keyword research for the website
  • Designing logos, ebook covers, headers, icons, and other graphic elements
What are some other ways to use
            micro-marketing in my marketing efforts?

Getting Started

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